Assoc.Prof.Dr.Jur. Tunay KÖKSAL

Dr.Jur. KÖKSAL was born in Ankara and completed his pre-university education in the same city. After graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law with ranking “first” at the department, and having done his law internship, he registered as “Lawyer” at the Ankara Bar Association. As well as continuing his business life, Dr.Jur. KÖKSAL graduated from Ankara University and completed his second undergraduate studies in Faculty of Political Sciences, majoring at the Department of International Relations.

He had his Master’s Degree (LLM degree) on “European Law” from Kent Law School, University of Kent with “distinction” certificate. From Ankara University, Institute of Social Sciences he gained an academic title as “Doctor of Law” on “European Union Law”. He obtained the title of Associate Professorship in the science field of “International Trade Law”. He gave lectures as “Visiting Lecturer” at different universities in different countries such as Ukraine, UK, Gabon, Japan and Macedonia.

While he was a visiting lecturer at the universities abroad, KÖKSAL also obtained his post graduate and doctoral degrees in the field of “Forensic Psychology”. KÖKSAL gives lectures on “Forensic Psychology”, “Criminology”, “Penology” and “Victimology”.

In 1998, participating in “Young Turkish Leaders Program” in Japan upon the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, KÖKSAL undertook on the task as Advisor of the Minister of State responsible for European Affairs and Foreign Trade. Within the scope of the task as Minister Advisory, he participated in Meetings of the International Trade Committee-OECD, Ministerial Conferences held by the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1999 in Seattle (USA) and in 2001 in Doha (Qatar) as a Delegate of the committee representing the Republic of Turkey. In various construction, foreign trade and logistics firms, KOKSAL undertook positions such as “Legal Consultant” and “Advisor to the Board of Directors”. He currently works as “Law Academic” and, he also holds the position of Turkey Representative of “European University”, which is an university in Macedonia. KÖKSAL is a Board Member of Turkish – Ukranian Frendship Association. He is a member of Turkish – Macedonian Frendship Association and, is also a member of Cultural and Cooperation Association of Crimean Turks.

Within the framework of consulting activities; KÖKSAL provides legal consulting, arbitration, mediation and expertise services on the issues such as international business development, business negotiations, drawing up construction contracts, partnership agreements, trade agreements and international transportation contracts and establishing joint venture companies. He provides such services to various construction, foreign trade and logistics companies in different countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Gabon, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, China, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain.

Professor KÖKSAL gives lectures within the framework of the academic activities at the various universities, institutes and private certificate program courses on subjects such as “International Trade Law”, “Contract Management in Foreign Trade”, “International Commercial Arbitration”, “International Construction Law”, “International Construction Contracts and FIDIC Specifications”, “Maritime Law”, “Maritime Trade Law”, “Maritime Labor Law”, “Public Procurement Law”, “International Logistics Law”, “Customs Law”, “Export and Investment Incentive Law”, “European Union Law”, “Foreign Trade Correspondence Techniques”, “Commercial English”, “International Civil Aviation Law”, “International Private Law”, “International Public Law”, “Tourism Law”, “Commercial Law”, “Law of Obligations”, “Corporate Law”, “Labour & Social Security Law”, “Legal Translation”. In addition, he undertook the administrative duties in different universities as “Head of the Department of International Trade and Logistics”.

KÖKSAL speaks fluent English and he also speaks Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin) and Arabic languages. He is a member of Editorial Board of international refereed academic journals such as “International Research Journal of Business and Social Sciences”, “American International Journal of Contemporary Research”, “International Journal of Applied Science and Technology” and “Business and Management Review”. Various international and national peer-reviewed articles of KÖKSAL have been published in academic journals, and the below-cited books of KÖKSAL have been published so far:

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